1,47,000 km Suzuki Fiero: Overhaul the engine or sell the bike?

I have been to a local authorized TVS dealer but they are helpless as parts are not available from their end.

BHPian ash recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Hello guys,

This is Ashish from Lucknow. Not very active in the comments/answers on the forums. But, have a regular watch on all the subjects that take place here.

I’ve owned a 2001 Fiero. I’ve done almost 1.47L km so far with no major repair work to date. But, now it needs an engine overhaul and likewise. The problem is that the bike is too old, I can’t find a mechanic here in Lucknow. Although I went to a local authorized TVS dealer but they are helpless as the parts are not available at the end. I managed to find a store here with all the necessary spare parts, but the problem is mechanical. Want suggestion from all of you:

  • Is it advisable to do a complete overhaul? , if so can anyone suggest a good mechanic here in Lucknow who I can contact.
  • Or, do you have to move for a new bike?

Waiting for valuable suggestions from all of you.

Thanks in advance.


Here is what BHPian Mr. Boss should say about it:

Only you can answer this question

Option 1, if:

  • There are sentimental attachments to this bike
  • Likes to ride a classic bike (or soon), forgotten by yesteryear
  • Willing to spend money and time

Option 2, if:

  • You need a reliable daily commute
  • Want to taste something new

Here is what BHPian shancz should say about it:

A friend has a Fiero of the same age, engine overhaul at 1.25-1.3 lakh km, about 7-8 years ago. Mechanically the bike is still solid, visually less so. Partly because of the effort required to source the parts, partly because of the lack of interest in aesthetics.

Due to expiring registration and new increased fines to make it road worthy and the ever higher chances of older vehicles being taken off the road, he decided to scrap it while he could. Beyond emotional values, the bicycle does not meet current needs.

It would have been better if he had sold it before the review, IMO.

He tried the Ronin and was very impressed. He said the compact size, refinement, acceleration and exhaust note reminded him of the Fiero.

Here is what BHPian Gypsy should say about it:

Your question put me in a dilemma. After racing Fieros on the autocross circuit, I naturally lean towards Fiero. The Apache series are all based on the Fiero. Anyway, today’s motorcycles are always safer with ABS, traction control (few motorcycles), better seating comfort, better handling and better mileage. You will thoroughly enjoy the new motorcycle after riding Fiero for so long.

Nevertheless, I suggest you keep your Fiero, provided it is possible for you to do so. I don’t think a 4-stroke from this era can take as many hits as a Fiero.

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