ABC says new engine platform is ‘future proof’



Range of motors pre-designed to integrate future technologies

Anglo Belgian Corp. (ABC) said its new multi-fuel engine platform will help ship owners switch from conventional fuel to new and future types of fuel.

The first member of the new range of EVOLVE engines is the 4EL23 medium speed 4 cylinder.

Citing uncertain policy reforms, competing technologies and volatile fuel prices, ABC said the EVOLVE platform was developed to meet the challenge of uncertainty.

“Today, with the 4EL23, the first member of the EVOLVE range, we are opening a new road to a green future for shipping,” said Tim Berckmoes, CEO of ABC. “We are presenting the thermal engine of the next century, whatever the fuel. The 4EL23 is the first mid-speed multi-fuel engine to face the transition from fossil to zero carbon head on. We are changing the game. As such, we both drive profitable growth for our customers and protect the future of our planet. At ABC, performance, efficiency and future-proof versatility go hand in hand. With the 4EL23 and the EVOLVE range, we break the uncertainty and unpredictability out of the equation.

According to ABC, combustion engines will be around for a very long time. Many fuel options will become available and the conversion of the EVOLVE engine will be straightforward.

The new engine is pre-engineered to incorporate the latest future technologies (liquid fuel, dual-fuel, spark-ignition), the company said, and will enable a financially viable conversion / adaptation to new types of fuel using the same engine.

The company said the engine’s fuel injection system can be updated as needed. For example, for liquid fuel, the engine may use a high efficiency common rail or PLN fuel system. For dual fuel, a micropilot liquid fuel injection system coupled to a gas injection system can be used. For 100% gaseous fuels, spark plugs can be incorporated.

The engine has a rated power range of 1.1 to 1.4 HP at 400 rpm. It has a bore and stroke of 230×310 mm.

ABC said that the optional engine protection shell gives the 4EL23 a sleek, modern look. But for ABC, design is an integral part of functionality. The engine protection shell protects the engine and crew from damage or injury. It dampens heat, noise and vibrations. User-friendly LED interface creates tool-free access.

The 4EL23 is a compact and powerful mid-speed 4-cylinder engine offering superior engine performance at full and part load. To support the current energy transition, the 4EL23 is fully optimized to run efficiently on diesel with EATS technology for ultra-low emissions until other fuels are economically available.

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About Anglo Belgian Corporation

Since its foundation in 1912, ABC has operated from Ghent, in the heart of Europe. For over 100 years, ABC has been committed to keeping your business running by producing reliable and innovative engines and generators.

One of our driving forces is intrinsic stability: by staying true to our geographic roots at the crossroads of many logistics routes; and building on a stable ownership structure with the passion, knowledge and entrepreneurial spirit passed down from generation to generation.

This unique and stable position has enabled ABC to build up solid experience in R&D and innovation; create a highly skilled and passionate workforce; deploy a homogeneous network of production units for a vertically integrated value chain. This gives our customers the biggest advantage in a globalized economy: reliability.

Our commitment is always to you and to helping you make choices that stand the test of time. This is why we are once again expanding our workshop and factory capacities in Ghent. This is where new solutions will emerge. This is where we will continue to fuel your future.

Whatever future materializes, we fuel it.


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