ACFD launches new engine with retro logo and modern features

The Arlington County Fire Department is reviving a door logo last seen on county vehicles over 50 years ago.

At the same time, the department is gradually modernizing its vehicles with new features, including better ride quality on its engines. That’s according to Arlington Fire Department spokesman Captain Nate Hiner, who told ARLnow that the department’s apparatus committee opted for a 1968-70 throwback design over the “logo.” old English style door.

Beyond the visual changes, department members will have more space thanks to new cabs and chassis (the part of the vehicle that includes the chassis, engine, transmission, and other important parts) from the appliance maker. Pierce Manufacturing fire.

On top of that, air suspensions on the rear of the units will replace spring suspensions and provide “a better ride quality on our city streets,” Hiner wrote in an email.

Not only will the air suspension allow for better rides, but it will also help the department streamline suspension-related repairs. The county will no longer have to send units to remote repair facilities for these repairs, which will reduce the amount of time units will be out of service, Hiner said.

So far, four units have received the new features.

“As we continue our replacement cycle over the next few years, this number will increase,” Hiner wrote.

A single eagle-eyed tweeter called for new door graphics after the ACFD asked users if they could spot anything different about an engine pictured in a September 14. Tweeter.

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