Engineers attempt to convert diesel engine to run on gasoline



Engineers at a Russian YouTube channel called Garage 54 attempted to convert a diesel engine to run on gasoline, and they had surprising results, a engine report 1 Explain.

Although the two use internal combustion, diesel and gasoline engines are so different that a car owner could cause serious damage to their vehicle by filling it with the wrong fuel. This means that in order to convert a diesel engine to a gasoline engine, you have to change the very basis of that engine.

This is exactly what the Garage 54 team decided to do. In an attempt to defy logic, they decided to work on a Toyota 2CT turbodiesel engine, extracted from a van. Their goal was to see if it was, in fact, possible to run it on gasoline.

Diesel-gasoline modifications

To begin with, the Garage 54 team took the engine apart, cleaned the parts and measured the combustion chamber. As gasoline and diesel burn differently, the compression ratio inside the combustion chamber must be larger for diesel engines and smaller for gasoline engines. Too high a compression ratio could cause gasoline to ignite at the wrong time, which could lead to an explosion in the engine.

In order to avoid such a disastrous outcome, the team significantly lowered the compression ratio of the Toyota diesel engine by making several modifications, including machining the pistons in 4 mm.

Since diesel engines do not have spark plugs, the team also modified the holes in the engine’s fuel injectors to install spark plugs in them. The diesel engine’s high-pressure fuel pump, which was no longer required, was removed to make room for the distributor needed for the spark plugs.

Successful conversion

Once the modifications were completed, the team reassembled the engine and prepared it for its first test. After adding fuel and securing the battery, they turned on the ignition, which ignited the engine on the first attempt. While it didn’t run incredibly smoothly, especially at low revs, the Garage 54’s experience can be classified as a flawless success.

As to what the process of converting diesel engines to gasoline could be used for in real life situations, that probably won’t get you very far in a world that is increasingly turning away from internal combustion engines. However, as these vehicles will become less and less popular in the future, we could, in a pinch, imagine specific situations where vehicle owners might see the need to convert their engines as diesel supplies dwindle.

Take a look at the full process, with an English narrator, in the video below.


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