Italy wants Ferrari and Lamborghini exempt from internal combustion engine ban



Italy wants to protect Ferrari and Lamborghini from a future proposal to ban internal combustion engines promulgated by the European Union, Bloomberg reported on Saturday.

The Italian government is in talks with the EU to exempt the two supercar makers from a proposal to phase out new internal combustion vehicles announced in July, which would take effect in 2035, according to the report.

Rome has reportedly argued that the proposed rules should be applied differently to high-end supercar makers, as they are “niche” makers that don’t make a lot of vehicles.

It should be noted that the rules have not been finalized. They must first be discussed by member countries and the European Parliament, a process that could take up to two years, according to Bloomberg. Countries are likely to propose amendments to protect local industries, with France already proposing more lenient emissions targets, according to the report.

Lamborghini Countach LPI 800-4

Ferrari and Lamborghini have slowly embraced electrification, but so far only in the form of hybrid powertrains for production vehicles. After doing an about-face a bit, Ferrari now seems to be engaged in at least one EV. The automaker previously cited limited battery technology as a hurdle, although that hasn’t stopped Croatian company Rimac, which now also controls Bugatti.

Ferrari announced in April that its first electric vehicle, which is slated to be a crossover, would be unveiled in 2025. The automaker is also adding hybrid powertrains to more models. Lamborghini Aventador’s successor slated for 2023 is expected to be a hybrid, ending the race for unelectrified Lambo V-12 supercars. Lamborghini has not announced any firm plans for an electric car, however.

In an interview with Bloomberg Published Monday, Porsche CEO Oliver Blume said it would be a mistake to grant exceptions to certain automakers, stressing that everyone must do their part to reduce emissions and that EV technology offers more performance than cars. internal combustion cars. Blume made the comments after the Porsche Mission R electric racing car concept was unveiled at the Munich auto show.

This article has been updated to include comments from Porsche CEO Oliver Blume.


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